Fee Arbitration

To request arbitration of an attorney's fee.…
Please read the Consent to Arbitration form carefully to be sure you understand the terms of the arbitration process. If you agree to those terms, and wish to request arbitration of your fee dispute, please sign and date the Consent to Arbitration form in the space for Complainant. Use the Statement of Facts form to provide a brief statement of the facts regarding your fee problem. Both forms should be signed, dated, and returned to this office. Please attach copies of any written fee contract or agreement, billing statement for services, or receipts for payment to the attorney.

Arbitration is a voluntary process…
Your written statement, copies and the signed consent form will then be forwarded to your attorney advising him or her that you have requested arbitration of his or her fee. Arbitration is a voluntary process, and the parties to a fee dispute, attorney and client, must give their written consent before a matter can be accepted for fee arbitration. Attorney-client fees are a matter of contract between parties and the Cincinnati Bar Association cannot intercede without the consent of all parties.

If the attorney declines or consents…
If your attorney declines to submit this matter to fee arbitration, you will be notified, and may pursue any remedy to which you may be entitled through the court system. If your attorney consents to fee arbitration, your written statement will be forwarded to the Fee Arbitration Committee of the Cincinnati Bar Association for appointment of a hearing panel. A member of that panel will contact you directly regarding the time, date, and place of the arbitration. Arbitration will then proceed in accordance with the terms described in the Consent to Arbitration form. After the arbitration, a written Opinion and Award will be issued by the hearing panel and a copy provided to all parties.

For questions or assistance…
If you have any additional questions or need assistance, please call the Cincinnati Bar Association at (513) 381-8213 and ask to speak with the grievance department.

Consent To Arbitration
Fee Arbitration Rules
Grievance Statement of Facts

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