CBA Report Editorial Guidelines

Type of Article

The Report focuses on current events in the law, as well topics of general interest to the Greater Cincinnati legal community. Articles should focus on practical issues, not theoretical or esoteric points. The editor will consider running articles previously published, but as a general rule prefers articles that have not been previously published. The CBA gives preference to CBA members submitting articles for publication, but will also consider articles written by non-members as long as the article is of general interest to the local legal community. The editor will review all documents submitted and reserves the right to edit content for clarity and/or reject any submissions. Any major revisions necessary will be discussed with the author.

Writing Style

Write concisely and clearly. Avoid copying the style of law reviews, academic journals or legal briefs. Only under special circumstances will the Report publish scholarly articles.


Departmental columns, such as the President's Brief, LegalEase and other regular columns, should be no longer than 600 words. Feature articles, including citations, should be no longer than 1,800 words (approximately 7 double-spaced, typed pages). Shorter columns and anecdotes are also welcome. Please include a 2-3 sentence biography to run at the end of the article.


All articles will be copyedited to conform to house style.

Benefits of Being Published

Given the CBA's non-profit status, writing for the CBA Report is done on a volunteer basis. Benefits of being published include writer attribution, marketing exposure to members of the Greater Cincinnati legal community, and the opportunity to earn CLE credit from the Ohio Continuing Legal Education Commission. Additionally, an electronic copy of your published article (PDF format) can be provided for your marketing/distribution use. We ask that all web postings of the article include a link to the CBA Report.


In submitting an article to the Report, authors grant to the Cincinnati Bar Association First North American serial rights together with non-exclusive print and digital republication and reprint rights. The author warrants that the article is her/his original work and that its publication by the CBA will not infringe upon the copyrights or other rights of any other person or entity.


When submitting a manuscript, the preferred format is electronic, either on disk or by e-mail to, in a Microsoft Word document (.DOC) or Rich Text File (.RTF). Do not format into columns, boxes or use color. When submitting a hard copy, either by mail or fax, the manuscript needs to be:
   1” margin on all 4 sides
   Standard typeface

A cover letter with the author's name, address, phone number, brief bio of no more than 45 words, and where appropriate, disclosure of interest, should accompany the manuscript.


Please include a color photo of the author.

The CBA Report will obtain appropriate artwork or photos, where necessary, to illustrate an article. Suggestions are welcome. Any artwork or photos submitted to the Report will be used at the discretion of the editor and graphic artist.
All photos submitted must include a cut line identifying the people included in the picture. The graphic artist reserves the right to make whatever layout changes that are necessary to enhance the visual appearance of the publication.

 The CBA Report is a monthly publication. It is distributed on the first of each month. Articles to be considered for publication must be submitted to the editor at least 4 weeks prior to the publication date, i.e., an article for the March publication should be submitted by February 1. Due to the amount of material received, time and budget constraints, there will be no exceptions to this deadline.
Please submit manuscripts to:

Or:  Communications, CBA Report
       Cincinnati Bar Association
       225 E. Sixth Street, 2nd Floor
       Cincinnati, OH 45202-3209
       Phone: (513) 699-1391; Fax: (513) 381-0528

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